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Accolades, Credentials and More

Throughout my life, I have learned from and been inspired by the following lessons. They influence and structure my philosophies about life coaching and fitness. 

  • We experience continuous changes throughout our lives. 

  • Even though life does not always go according to our plans, it is still important to focus on our goals and desires. 

  • Through changes in our lives, we can find opportunities to deepen our resilience and strengthen our character.

  • We all struggle with grief and loss in our lifetimes, but we can learn to use these experiences to grow our compassion and wisdom. 

  • Throughout our lives we will come up against challenges and inequity. We can use these injustices to call for a better and more equal normal. 

  • We are all impacted by each other and we all have the opportunity to empower ourselves as we lift up others.

  • Though we cannot add years to our life, we can strive to add life to the years we do have. 

  • We have the power to search for meaning and purpose in our lives

  • Each person has the opportunity and the power to write their own story. 


Core Competencies

  • PhD Counseling/Psychology

  • Board Certified Coach- Health & Wellness

  • Master Fitness Training

  • Multi-Cultural Counseling Specialist

  • Addiction and Recovery Certification

  • Wilderness Education Leader Certification

  • Wellness CEU Provider​


  • Publications

    • "Aging Well​"

    • "The Gift of Listening"

    • "Caregivers Day Out"

    • "Social Connection is the Secret at the Senior Social J"

    • "Romanian Orphanages"

    • "Crawling Toward Connection"

    • "The Journey of the Six-Legged Animal"

  • Employee Recognition- Hualapai & Havasupai Tribes

  • Leadership Recognition- World Vision Romanian Orphanages

  • Weight Lifting Awards- Texas State Champion

  • Outstanding Performance in Kayaking- Trinity River Challenge


  • Legacy Senior Community- Plano, Texas

  • Meadowstone Retirement Community- Dallas, Texas

  • Jewish Community Center- Dallas, Texas

  • YMCA- Dallas, Texas

  • School Interventionist- Phoenix Union High School

  • College Teaching

    • Arizona State University​

    • Northern Arizona University

    • Glendale Community College

  • West Yavapai Guidance Clinic- Prescott, Arizona​

  • Arizona Women's State Prison- Phoenix, Arizona

  • Hualapai & Havasupai Tribes- Arizona

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