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Outdoor Education

Outdoor Education is a special way to explore, connect with others, adapt, and fall in love with the beauty of the earth. Drawing from our experiences in nature helps us connect to the life experiences we are currently engaged in. Whether you are hiking, backpacking, or kayaking, you are part of an experiential journey. Experiencing nature with a group creates new opportunities for crucial interpersonal skills.  Nature doesn’t adapt to us, we adapt to nature. Nature is our teacher; predictably unpredictable. Things can change at a moment's notice and we learn the lesson of letting go and accepting change. By moving through new spaces, we explore the world around us and within us and learn how these worlds are deeply connected. We have the opportunity to learn from plants, animals, and environments and engage all of the senses. Nature offers us a learning sanctuary to grow in self reflection, meditation, observation, and mindfulness. Its change of seasons mirror our own. Nature is a place that we can breathe, see, hear, feel, and heal. It is a place to learn.

Artwork- Reed Fine
Richard's Credentials:
Wilderness Education Leadership Certification from Colorado State University
Kayak Teaching Certification from American Canoe and Kayak Association

Outdoor Education Services:

  • Nature Walks

  • Backpacking Expedition

  • Kayaking Basics and Expedition

-The particular type of expedition will be tailored to the physical needs and abilities of participants​

-Each expedition can be taken in small groups or individually

-Some options may not be available at this time due to COVID-19

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