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Life Coaching

My purpose as a life and fitness coach is to both inspire and empower my clients as we learn about life together. My goal is not to diagnose my clients, but to create a safe place where we can explore and become curious together. My process oriented approach allows each individual to receive personal care. The following are mantras to help cultivate focused empowerment in your life. These are key pieces of my coaching philosophy and as we work together you will learn how to implement them into your life.

-Richard Fine

Wellness Coaching

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure"

Overall well being stems from knowledge, introspection, and purpose. Richard will work with you to provide support and promote personal empowerment and well being by helping you incorporate the following areas into your life:

1. Breathing

2. Nutrition

3. Movement

4. Work

5. Socialization

6. Fun & Play

7. Spirituality

8. Mental Well Being

9. Emotional Well Being 

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Specialty Coaching

1. Grief and Loss

2. Addiction -- Recovery

3. Life Transitions

4. Chronic Pain

5. Trauma

6. Anxiety & Depression

Richard empowers his clients to find focused and personal empowerment instead of falling into patterns of victimhood.

Richard's philosophy is: LIVE BY CHOICE, NOT BY CHANCE

~Choose to make changes, not excuses

~Choose to be motivated, not manipulated

~Choose to be useful, not used

~Choose to excel, not to be compliant

~Choose self-esteem, not self-pity

~Choose to be a leader, not to make excuses

~Choose to be of service and empower others

I will learn to:

-Move from surviving to thriving

-Make fundamental mental shifts to self-empowerment

-Create a vision and outline a strategic plan to get there

-Focus on what I want rather than what I don’t want

-Create opportunities to let go of old habits and replace them with ones that best serve me

I choose to:


-Make changes rather than excuses

-Develop self-esteem and independence rather than self-defeat

-Learn new responses to old situations

-To be motivated, not manipulated

-Respond rather than react

I will grow by:


-Learning to view challenges as opportunities

-Learning how to venture into the unknown and find ways to effectively navigate new experiences

-Showing up in the world with others to reach my destiny

-Learning how to sustain my pursuit towards my vision 

-Collaborating with others

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